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Cot Proste 120x60

Cot Proste 120x60
Cot Proste 120x60
Cot Proste 120x60
Cot Proste 120x60
Cot Proste 120x60
Cot Proste 120x60


amal003 natural
amal004 white
amal001 light gray
amal002 dark gray
amal008 black


bars Ø 16mm
21x11mm flat slats
32x11mm flat slats


3 removibles bars
wheel set
drawer with wheels and top cover
a small ladder to convert a cot into a couch

  • Beech wood, ecological varnish coated with water - certified for children
  • Three heights for placing the bottom of the cot (the height from the bottom is the top of the ladder):
  • Top: 31 cm
  • Center: 46 cm
  • Bottom: 61 cm
  • Cot height: 82 cm
  • The height of the cot with wheels: 87 cm
  • Internal dimension of the cot: 120x60 cm
  • External dimension of the cot: 125x65 cm
  • External carton dimension: 124x71x14 cm
  • Carton weight: 16 kg
  • Number on the pallet: 16 pcs.
  • Palette dimension: 124(127)x80x261 cm

Manufactured in accordance with applicable standards, Manufacture from beech wood.


Łóżeczko drewniane Proste 120x60

Łóżeczko drewniane Proste 120x60

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