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Beech children furniture is our branded line and passion. It is guaranteed by the child furniture producer, AMAL II, that our products are made of the best quality materials, and are

not only ecological, but also timeless and extremely durable. Our aim is to fulfill all the requirements and needs of our clients, therefore we continue to follow the latest trends and

most recent solutions, thanks to which we can offer you the most modern and functional products, such as pens, cots, high chairs, cradles, changing tables, etc. Our beech cots as

well as other products stand out as extremely durable, long-lasting and useful. Some of our cots models can be enlarged so that they can be used by children for a longer time. All

the children furniture offered by our company is created with passion, so that the children could enjoy at the same time both the safety and maximum comfort. Learn more about

our wide offer and it is certain that you will find something that will suit your needs.

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