AMAL 2 Cots, children's furniture - producer

Laura 120x60

Laura 120x60
Laura 120x60
Laura 120x60


amal001 light gray
amal002 dark gray
amal004 white
amal008 black


bars Ø 16mm
21x11mm flatl slats
32x11mm flat slats


pull-out stick
drawer with wheels and top cover
drop side
wheel set
a small ladder to convert a cot into a couch

  • Beech wood + MDF board, covered with ecological - water varnish with a certificate for children (the engraving is illustrative, another engraving can be made at the customer's request)
  • Three heights for placing the bottom of the cot (heights from the bottom to the top of the ladder)
  • Top: 31 cm
  • Measure: 46 cm
  • Bottom: 61 cm
  • The height of the cot: 95 cm
  • Internal dimensions of the cot: 120x60 cm
  • The external dimensions of the cot: 125x64 cm
  • Outer carton dimensions: 124x69x14 cm
  • Carton weight: 22 kg
  • Quantity on the pallet: 16 pcs
  • Pallet size: 124(127)x80x261 cm


AMAL2 - to firma która wszystkie swoje produkty (wyroby z drewna) produkuje w Polsce.
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